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Power of Home 90-Day Devotional by Ted and Amy Cunningham

You and your family can take charge of your spiritual development! Based on the book The Power of Home, authors Ted and Amy Cunningham have created this 90-day devotional to help build strength and stability in your home. Your family will grow closer to each other and Jesus as you discuss important topics, including:

  • Marriage

  • Money

  • Communication

  • Anger

  • Forgiveness

  • Heaven

For a healthy family now and in the future, get this devotional and see how each member of your household can participate in the spiritual growth of your home. Pair with The Power of Home by Ted Cunningham for more in-depth study on your family's spiritual development.

The Power of Home by Ted Cunningham

Even if you’ve never met Ted Cunningham, he’s looking out for you and your brood anyway. In his new book, The Power of Home, he'll encourage you and your household to hit pause and take stock of where you are and where you're going:

1. What is the current state of our family?

2. What does it mean for our family to be redeemed?

3. How can we take personal responsibility for our faith and our family?

If you want a healthy family now and in the future, The Power of Home can help you find a way for every family member to contribute to the spiritual growth of your home.

“Taking charge of your faith and family begins with an honest assessment of where you are right now.”

Ted Cunningham

Ted Cunningham is a graduate of Liberty University and Dallas Theological Seminary whose previous books include Fun Loving You and Trophy Child. He has also coauthored four books with Dr. Gary Smalley. Cunningham founded Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri, where he has ministered for more than thirteen years. He and his wife, Amy, have two children.

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“I've personally heard Ted teach on the home for over ten years now. He enjoys his family more than anything else he does in life. The Power of Home is a fresh look on what it means to pursue faith and family with passion.”

Dr. Gary Smalley
Author of The Key to Your Child's Heart

“Filled with wisdom and insight, Ted challenges us to grow our marriages into the great source of joy God intended. Packed with practical tips and personal stories, you'll be inspired and encouraged throughout these pages.”

Margaret Feinberg
Author of Fight Back With Joy

“I absolutely love Ted’s heart for marriage and family, and his focus on hope! He is so well-respected in leadership circles as one of the main marriage voices today, and it’s easy to see why: his stuff is so good! Every page of this book is filled with encouraging perspective, insight, and advice for singles, spouses, and families who want to live out God’s callings on their lives and experience the blessings that come as a result!”

Shaunti Feldhahn
Social Researcher and bestselling author of For Women Only

“Many are struggling to find a way forward on a number of significant issues in our culture. If more would take up the cause of helping families thrive at home the way Ted Cunningham has in The Power of Home, the way forward on many of those issues would take care of itself.”

Shaunti Feldhahn
Social Researcher and bestselling author of For Women Only
Joel Thomas
Lead pastor of Mission Community Church; previously served sixteen years on staff at North Point Community Churc

“Ted brings forward another fresh cultivation of humor, humility, and biblical wisdom within The Power of Home. The transparency and ease with which Ted communicates make him one of the top communicators and authors within the intersections of marriage and family. The Power of Home is an easy approach to positively influence the life God calls us to in each of our homes.”

Matt Engel
Director of Marriage Ministry Mission Community Church, Gilbert, AZ

“As I read The Power of Home, I found myself wishing this kind of wisdom had been available to me when I was raising my kids. The best compliment I can give this book is that I plan to give a copy to my kids as a roadmap for raising their children. I love that The Power of Home is written by a man who is down in the trenches of everyday family life. Ted Cunningham confronts head-on the cultural trends of family life and shows us a better way... God’s way. This book is chock-full of practical insight and wisdom. The Power of Home will give you a roadmap for making family life not just tolerable, but actually enjoyable.”

Matt Engel
coauthor of Clear the Stage: Making Room for God; senior pastor of the Oaks Fellowship, Red Oaks, TX
Lance Witt
Founder of Replenish

“The Power of Home is an excellent reminder to husbands and wives to allow your marriage to leverage your home. A great marriage is a great gift for your children. Invest back into your most important relationships #yourhome.”

Tim Popadic
National director of Date Night Works

“I love the way Ted thinks. He’s an imperfect, honest man who takes his role as Christ-follower, husband, and dad super seriously, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. This translates to him taking vital issues and communicating truth in a way that’s entertaining and life changing.”

Tim Popadic
National director of Date Night Works
Art VanZanten
Family Ministries pastor, First Assembly of God, Fort Myers, FL